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Friday, June 12, 2009


I did it! I finished the book! Although the ending was kinda sad, I still liked it.

Okay so here's what happened: Cornelia visited Virginia often. Virginia told Cornelia stories about her adventures with her sisters. According to the book Virginia's sisters died already, but it doesn't say how they died. Virginia was the youngest. Her sisters were: Alexandra and Beatrice, who were twins and Gladys, who was chubby and tomboyish.

Cornelia kept her friendship with Virgina a secret from her mother, Lucy, because Virginia treats Cornelia as if she was Cornelia S. Engleheart and not the daughter of Lucy Engleheart, the famous pianist.

She felt like she was in another world while listening to Virginia's stories.

One day Cornelia took her usal trip to Virginia's apartment and Virginia's servant, Patel , opened the door and said she couldn't see Virginia because she wasn't well. Patel then asked if she could walk Mister Kinyatta instead. And she did. Everyday she did the same thing because Virginia wasn't well, she walked Mister Kinyatta everyday.

One day when Cornelia visited Patel wasn't there, so she walked in the apartment by herself and went to Virginia's room upstairs. She heard Virginia talking to someone, a lady , she knocked and Virginia said she could come in. When she did she saw her mom there then she cried and went to her own apartment and into her room. In her room and cried a lot and her mother talked to her.

She told Cornelia that Virginia had cancer and will not be staying with them for a long time.

Months went by, eventually Virginia died and that's the sad part. Then one day Patel visited and told her that Virginia had left Cornelia two presents: one was her dog, Mister Kinyatta and the other was a book that she made with Patel. Cornelia was overjoyed and hugged and kissed both Patel and Mister Kinyatta.

And that's it.

If you have time, you could read this book because the story was nice. The characters were very insteresting. I guess that's it. Until the next book.


Sophiagurl said...

that's sad baby...but it was good she was able to get to know her better and spend some time with her....plus a book and a dog! precious gifts.

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