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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day =)

It was Fathers Day yesterday. Me, my cousin (who, by the way, is a blogger to. She's Katrina) and my sister, made cards for our grandfathers, my ninong and of course my daddy.

Yesterday we celebrated Fathers Day in Max restaurant. It was fun. We were all there. My ninang (the sister of my mommy)and ninong were there. My other ninong(brother of mommy) was there also there and my ninang too. My cousins came along with me, daddy, mommy and my sister.

It was a fun day. After we ate my grandparents went home and so did my ninongs and ninangs. My cousin(Katrina's little brother)wanted to go with us but has to go home. My cousin, Katrina, came along with us - we wanted to go to the mall. We visited Bestseller again and we each came home with a book in our hands (well...........except for mommy). Well I guess thats it.

Belated Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there especially to my daddy and my grandads.


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