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Friday, October 2, 2009

Unforgetable Rescue Search

Last Saturday , my mom received a message from my ninang and my godfather and their 87 year old grandma has gone missing!!They had lost contact with them since 4pm in the afternoon.
They only said the last time they had spoken to each other that the level of the water was up to the ankle. My mom spent that whole Saturday night calling my Tita for news about them after we saw Pasig in the news and saw that it was about up to the first floor of a house!!!

My mom, knowing that my ninang's home only has 1 floor house, was scared.The rest of us too. My parents probably didn't get to sleep that night. Even my grandparents and my mom's brother didn't get to sleep too probably.

The next morning --Sunday--the very moment I woke up I asked them if they had found my ninang, ninong and their grandma. But they said they haven't found them. But they said that they were staying in an apartment--Thank goodness--And they had food.

And I played an important part too you know and most people don't involve kids in situations like this, (Not that I'm boasting by the way). I was their caller! I called all the numbers they told me to dial and most of the time I got lucky and the people we were calling picked up of course .

And (FINALLY!!!) , when it was already nightime, my grandma knew a relative of ours who worked in the military. She then asked if they could rescue my godparents and their grandma. They said that they had already rescued them !!!!!

And by midnight me and my little sister slept over in my grandparents while my parents went to see my godparents and their grandma. My mom kept texting my grandpa how they saw them.

Then by Monday I saw my godparents. I hugged them and kissed them. So did my sister and cousins and grandparents.

And that's our unforgettable rescue search. THE END


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